Monday, 12 December 2011

Editorial Design Final Images

This is page one and two of my editorial design images. The concept behind my pages was that Wolverhampton was more than just a city and there were plenty of green spaces to enjoy minutes from the town centre. Not only green spaces, but Wolverhampton has a very historical side. So, the firtst set of images is about why you should visit these places, the second set is about where you could visit. I chose two places, one a recreational area and one a historical venue, both within easy reach of the city centre. I designed a cover for the booklet, one which i felt represented the context well yet also remained simple. I feel that the tree silhouettes in white on green compliment the colour theme of the entire project well.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Frenemies Final Piece

After having sat and looked at the image for a while, i made a few changes. By adding a halftone filter to the 2 figurative elements, i feel it ,makes the image more Pop Art in style, as Pop art was, in its time, current with news and the social climate. I added noise distortion to the background to give it a slightley more edgy appearance that makes the whole think look a little more grungy. I like the final outcome.

Monday, 5 December 2011


Just stumbled on this site and found it very interesting with some good type examples.


The two images i created for the 'Frenemies' brief in editorial illustration. I decided to create something which entails good and evil, as in my opinion, the media are both good and evil. Very controlling and contrived, yet still sell millions of units and people believe everything they read, no matter what the context.