Monday, 15 October 2012

Design Culture

In researching the brief for RSVP, i got to thinking about 2 main things, the power of curiosity and war time love letters. These 2 things are not connected in anyway but while looking at love letters from the World War era, i realised that these letters were more than just letters between 2 people...they were letters that actually meant more to the writer and the reciever due to the time they were wrote....they have much more sentimental value to anyone that reads them as they were real feelings in a time of hardship and depression....they helped motivate and reassure soldiers and they were yearning and loving letters sent from girlfriends and spouses who never knew if they would see their men again. 
This creates an interest for people and a curiosity of the language that was used back in those days. Thinking about curiosity, if your told not to touch something, or not to press something, your natural instinct to to ask 'Why?' and curiosity gets the better of you....this said there have bben many experiments where your told to 'NOT press the red button' more information is given and so curiosity kicks in...for exmple:

I am thinking of a way of combing this idea into wartime love letters, or even Dera John letters to see how peoples curiosity gets the better of them. It's a bit like when you walk into a room with a diary just laying one is you look at it or do youn ignore it?  Truthfully?.....
This could also incorporate some actual calligraphic handwriting rather than word processed
Would your curiosity get the better of you????????


  1. Which format is the best format for writing hardship letters?

     Hardship Letters

  2. In my opinion, handwritten hardship letters have much more character, and have a more personal feel to them.